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How to buy Original Artwork – a Beginner’s Guide

The purchase of an original piece of artwork is very much like any other purchase. First, you must find out what you like, consider the options you want and decide where to make the purchase.

1. Visit a lot of galleries and museums to see what style works for you.

2. Buy what you love, whether you are buying as an investment or to match your sofa.

3. Decide if the work needs to be framed, shipped or installed. These features will add additional costs.

4. Figure out where you want to make your purchase; such as a gallery, auction house or through the individual artist. Remember that an art gallery will typically take 40% - 60% commission. Be careful not to get carried away during an art auction. The energy in the room and the rapid bidding could make you blow your budget. The individual artist may be difficult to hard find, and their selection may be limited. There is the online option, but that is not the same as seeing the work in person.

5. One of the best options is to find a gallery that is owned and operated by the artists. Commissions are much lower, and you will have the chance to meet the artist who created the work.

info only: Bent Tree Gallery is artist owned and operated. Check out our artists and events pages for more information.