We are delighted that you are interested in joining our gallery. We are the second oldest gallery in Wimberley and have been in operation for 15+ years. We have approximately 14 members. It takes a group effort to maintain and run the gallery. Be prepared to actively participate in operations, such as cleaning, coordinating events, gallery supplies, etc.


  1. Commission - The commission to the gallery is 25% on any sale. Your check is generally available within a couple of weeks of the sale. A daily email will notify you of the gallery sales.

  2. Rent - The rent is $160.00 per month maximum and due on each last day of the month. Rent may be reduced depending on the number of gallery sales.

  3. Work Requirements - You will be required to work at the gallery 2 days per month. You can request your days in advance and, a final schedule will be provided for you monthly. Also, select 1 of the additional responsibilities listed on the application.

  4. Space - You will have approximately 7’ x 8’ foot space to display your work. You may have a portfolio bin or matching console table in front of your wall as long as it does not infringe on someone else’s work.

  5. Photographs & Biography - We will need great photographs of your work for promotion and social media. Also, a short biography (150 words or less) for your display area. Please provide photos of new work to Susan Raine for the website, Dennis Jones for Facebook and, Jessie K. Steinberg jessieksteinberg@icloud for Instagram.

  6. Business cards - bring some, please no brochures.

  7. Display of work - 2D work must be framed (unless it is a gallery wrapped canvas), have a sturdy wire for hanging, use acid-free backing and materials (basically no cardboard or tape to seal up things). All work must have your name and the name of the piece on the back for reference.

  8. The artist must provide displays for 3D work such as pedestals or jewelry cases. The artist must also give any locks and keys.

  9. Price tags: All artist must print their price tags. We will provide you with a template for the price tag.

  10. Rotation of Work: All artist rotate their work every 2 months (move to a different wall). The cycle occurs on the last Tuesday of the month.

  11. Meetings - occur on the last Tuesday of each month at 2 pm.

  12. Second Saturday - We strongly suggest you join us on the Second Saturday of each month from 5-7 pm. Each Bent Tree artist brings a dish/food for the event. We will have music, food, and wine. It is a great way to meet other artists and promote your work. If you can not attend, please place $10 in the drawer to cover food.